1. Share the love: Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails.
  2. Gated Assets: Generate a relevant and enticing gated asset or lead magnet, such as an ebook or guide that solves a typical buyer problem to attract new subscribers.
  3. Email Signatures: Add an opt-in link to employees’ signatures.
  4. Free Tools: Create a free online tool that requires an email address to access. These could include a checklist, SlideShare, or content mapping Google Doc.
  5. Subscription-based content marketing: Create bonus blog, video, or other content that provides additional value to your target audience and requires an email subscription.
  6. Social Channels: Promote gated assets on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  7. Facebook Cover Photo: Add your email newsletter to your Facebook page cover photo.
  8. Facebook Call to Action: Add Subscribe or Sign up to your Facebook as your page’s call to action.
  9. Newsletter Previews: Share newsletter previews on your social channels.
  10. Website: Your website can be a lead-generating machine if it’s optimized well.
    • Utilize well-timed pop-up forms encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or blog.
    • Shorten the length of your lead-capture forms to encourage more visitors to fill them out.
    • Include a relevant call to action on each page. One that requires an email address to access.
    • A/B test call to action copy to determine the most effective for your audience.
    • Create an outstanding blog
  11. Leverage Partnerships: Leverage leadership partnerships to broaden your reach.
    • Include guest posts in your blog strategy.
    • Guest blog on other relevant sites.
    • Partner to feature other email subscriptions in your newsletter.
    • Ask partners to feature your email newsletter in their newsletters.
    • Create co-marketing offers as part of your blog or webinar series.
    • If you have some budget available, look into banner ad sponsorships on industry publication websites.