Manage Lists Effortlessly

Manage Lists & Contacts

Import various file types like Excel and CSV. Once your lists are imported, we manage them with customizable bounce rules.

Segment Lists

Segment your lists based off past campaign statistics, demographics, or any query you'd like.

Import With Ease

Import contacts or update existing members. You can even do both at the same time!

Download / Export Contacts

Export full lists or your entire contact database into an Excel or CSV file.

Auto Map Import Lists

Assign column headings to match default or custom fields, and our system will automatically match them to the corresponding field in the database.

Import Notification Email

Receive a status summary email when your imports are complete.

Custom Field Creation

Create up to 50 additional custom fields unique to your data.

Merge Lists

Quickly merge contacts from one list to another existing list or a newly created list.

Track Real-Time Results


View and download detailed reports of bounces, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Downloadable formats include Excel, CSV, Text & PDF.

Spam Checks

Quickly check the spam scores of any campaign to ensure emails arrive in the inbox.

Monitor Account Activity

View the total number of emails sent within a specified time frame and break down targets, delivers, bounces, and more.

Deliverability Comparison

View statistics between your campaigns and make minor tweaks to increase deliverability.

Google/Adobe (Omniture) Analytics & Tracking

Utilize Google Analytics ® and Adobe Analytics ® to define tracking parameters and analyze the success of your campaigns.

User Management & Permission Settings

Create sub user accounts under each main account and customize individual users with various permission level settings.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Management

Create mailings using our step-by-step campaign manager. Create templates, simple text emails, or HTML emails with ease.

Template Creation

Create a template by working with our design team or by using our extensive editor. You can also import previously designed HTML templates.

Subject & Email Personalization

Personalize the subject line and content of your message specifically for each targeted contact.

SMS & Text Marketing

Don't juggle multiple platforms. SMS services are seamlessly integrated with our platform and are easily used with your email marketing campaigns.

Test Campaigns

Manually enter contacts or target a seed list to run a test campaign.

Increase Email Deliverability

Bounce Rules

Create mailings using our step-by-step campaign manager. Create templates, simple text emails, or HTML emails with ease.

Email Suppression

Having issues with a particular ISP? Suppress unwanted domains by campaign, by list, or from the entire database. Suppress manually or import a bulk list.

Domain Suppression

Suppress domains that may be temporarily throttled in order to maintain your online reputation.

Reputation Guidelines

Boost your reputation and delivery rates with our industry-leading reputation management guidelines. We’ll outline the process and make it easy for you to follow.

Access Features Easily

1Point API Platform

Our platform supports a robust API that lets you use all of the essential features without needing to access the application.

Start Connecting To Your Audience