Pros of an email blast

Brand Recognition

The main aim of email blast marketing is to continuously reinforce a brand by sending email reminders. This is an effective way for marketers to make their brand recognizable across demographics without a ton of effort.

Increased Website Traffic

The sheer number of contacts that could potentially receive your message is boundless. You can cast a wide net and see your website traffic increase each time an email blast is sent.

Low Cost

Email blast campaigns are extremely cost-effective. You don’t have to pay exorbitant money to send broadcasting emails, especially with 1Point!

Easy to Share

An email is easy to share with both existing customers and prospects. With a single click, your entire email list will receive your message.

Easy to Measure

Email blast campaigns are to measure. With any good marketing analytics tool, like 1Point, you can keep an eye on open, click, and click-through rates and ascertain how good or bad your email campaign is.

Cons of an email blast

Segmenting Work

It’s important to know your audience. Your email subscribers may be looking for a different product than the one you are trying to sell them. It is important to segment your email lists before sending to ensure the right message is getting to your subscriber list. You can build a winning email marketing strategy by devising your campaigns based on user interests and product interactions.

Unexpected Emails and the Dreaded SPAM Box

Broadcast emails are generally unexpected by the recipient and can be off putting to some prospects. Action-based emails are a better option in such situations. It’s the job of an email marketer to craft a message that will entice the reader to move the blast from SPAM to the inbox.

Email Marketing Is Essential

At the end of the day, email marketing is still one of the most essential outreach methods your business has at its disposal. Email marketing lets you reach your customers on their terms, anywhere in the world.

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